Mission Statement

The mission of Voice of the Voiceless is to provide a voice for animals. We are interested in working collectively across the country to ban the permanent chaining and isolation of dogs, and to enact legislation to ban the use of industrial guard dogs.


Thousands of dogs are permanently chained and isolated; they are alive but not living. Because they have no voice, they have no choice but to live in hovels and pens, on chains and ropes, in boxes and runs and cages, in basements and garages, in filth and darkness. They are forced to endure blazing heat, bitter cold and wet, fear of storms and unknown noises, taunting by humans, attacks from other animals, and the degradation of having to walk and stand and lie in their own feces and urine, and to never be clean.

Good Boy's Story

Dogs are pack animals and have very definite sociological and psychological needs. Dogs suffer anxiety and depression when they are deprived of social interaction. The worst punishment for people in prison is solitary confinement. For people, this is a temporary measure and usually evoked on humans for terrible crimes which have been committed. A dog may be committed to the same punishment for its entire life, but what crime did this animal commit to deserve such a fate?

Voice of the Voiceless is committed to helping the public help these animals. This resource website provides information on the effects of chaining and isolating dogs. It provides information on current anti-tethering legislation. It provides expert opinions from a variety of sources including humane organizations, veterinarians, dog trainers and authors. It provides samples of the necessary tools for animal advocates to use in their own mission to stop the chaining and isolation of dogs, and the use of industrial guard dogs. And it provides hope that legislation can be enacted, one municipality at a time across Canada, until no dog lives a life of hopelessness.

We encourage animal advocates and activists to use this information to teach their own communities about the dogs that live their lives chained and/or isolated and reach their own municipal council members to show how legislation against these practices will benefit the entire community. We also encourage you to provide photos and stories of animals in need for this website.

Information and resources have been provided through the hard work of Animal Advocates Society of BC, Dogs Deserve Better and Helping Animals.

For more information, contact petnicks@gmail.com